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Vindico Interactive Video Ad Study Finds Impressions Up 77%

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Highlighting the success of interactive online video ads, video ad management platform Vindico has released a study documenting their effectiveness. Vindico's 2013 "The State of Interactive Video Advertising" report finds that impressions for interactive video ads are up 77 percent year-over-year. Interactive video ads are more effective at driving viewer engagement than repurposed TV spots, the study says.

One big challenge for interactive video ads is viewability, the study finds. Viewability rates for interactive video ads are about the same as for total video ads: 42 percent of interactive ads are viewable, compared to 44 percent of total video ads. Viewability is crucial, it says, since understanding how well an interactive ad engages viewers first requires the advertiser to measure whether or not the viewer had a chance to see the ad.

Looking at three different type of interactive video formats, the study finds that an ad curtain provides the highest engagement by far: 627 percent engagement lift. Ad ad curtain is an interactive overlay that is shown over the video ad and that is initiated by the viewer. The branded canvas format, where viewers see additional branding with interactive elements around the video ad, offered an average engagement lift of 301 percent.

Read the two-page report for free (no registration required).

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