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Videology Adds Nielsen Data for Combined TV/Online Ad Buying

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Video advertising platform Videology will integrate Nielsen TV data into its platform, Videology announced, giving ad buyers the ability to plan and measure TV and online video advertising campaigns with the same tools. Videology will add audience segments from Nielsen's Cross-Platform Homes Panel and TV/Online Fusion. Videology will be able to connect these segments to TV viewing behavior, matching aggregated users to ad exposure data.

Videology notes that another benefit is the ability to deliver bi-directional audience insights. Besides letting advertisers target TV audiences online, this data lets advertisers find online audiences through traditional TV. The result is that advertisers can enjoy the granularity available online when targeting TV viewers.

"The convergence between TV and video is now fully recognized by advertisers,” says Scott Ferber, Videology's chairman and CEO. “Advertisers need the tools to execute seamless, scalable campaigns across television and online video that can be optimized for bottom line results."

Videology certainly isn't alone in seeing the inevitable merging of TV and online video ad buying. Earlier this week, Adap.tv added programmatic buying of linear TV to its platform. Last month, Videology announced the results of a survey predicting that combined TV and online video ad planning was coming in three years. It looks like Videology is trying to speed up that timeline.

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