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IAB Guide Gives Advice on Mobile Video Ad Buying

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Have questions about the mobile video ad market? A free downloadable guide from the IAB's (Internet Advertising Bureau's) Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence and Mobile Video Task Force aims to answer marketers' questions about this often confusing landscape. Called the "Mobile Video Buyers' Guide: Practical Advice for Video Advertising on Smartphones and Tablets," it tackles areas such as apps versus mobile websites, pre-roll versus banner ad, and inline versus native players. The idea is to bring media planners up to speed quickly so they can feel comfortable placing ad campaigns on mobile devices.

Topics covered include campaign metrics (which are useful?). business rules (are video ads skippable; do they autoplay?), and ad guidelines (what's the best encoding format?). The guide also offers a mobile video ad checklist, so that marketers can run through important considerations such as making sure the video landing page supports mobile devices) and adding a call-to-action when creating and placing ads.

“The mobile video advertising arena is relatively new and oft-times perplexing, so while mobile video viewing is growing by leaps and bounds, creatives and media planners are just now learning to maneuver successfully in the space," notes Anna Bager, vice president and general manager for the Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence. "This guide is meant to deliver the kinds of insights and intelligence that will allow them to truly take advantage of this trend.”

The IAB guide is available for free download, no registration required.

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