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How and Why to Use Google Glass in the Office

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When Google Glass is finally available to the public, should companies invest? One speaker at the recent Streaming Media West conference in sunny Huntington Beach, California, suggests an enthusiastic yes. Scott Lawson is director of IT architecture for QAD. Offering attendees some "forward thinking," he offered numbered steps for recording and uploading videos with Glass, steps found in this downloadable PDF. But why would companies want to use Glass?

"Some of the video use cases that I can see…you could do an employee interview," Lawson said. "Let's say a new employee came to your company from HR, you could say, 'Hey, we want to say howdy. Then you could say howdy to all the employees out there, tell us a little bit about yourself.' That could be done very easily, no IT involvement."

Lawson's ideas didn't stop there. Glass use is only limited by the imagination.

"You can do office tours: you're opening a new office, you can show employees coming to a training center, what it looks like, how to get there. You could capture issues for analysis, so you could go down and say, 'Look, see, the problem with this tangle is we need to fix it,'" Lawson said. "You could do process documentation. Let's say you're going to set up this room, okay, well I want the chairs like this. Instead of giving them a piece of paper with little symbols, you can actually show them the real deal."

For more on Google Glass use in the office, watch the video below.


HOW TO: Using Google Glass to Capture and Publish Videos

Google Glass can make the creation of video content for business, education, and entertainment easy for all people who want to communicate simply and quickly. This presentation looks at Glass and its capabilities, discusses the best practices for capturing content, explores example real-world uses, and details the steps for setting up sharing. Attendees see a live demo of the workflow from recording to publishing right in the session.

Speaker: Scott Lawson, Director of IT Architecture, QAD


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