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TalkPoint: Executive Palmistry 2014

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In 2014, we will see one of the largest disruptions in the streaming media business in over a decade.  WebRTC will be ready for prime time this year and will be part of the mainstream.  The downloaded application used for webconferencing heretofore will start to become a distant memory.  The online small work group collaboration business will be turned on its head. Dozens, and maybe even hundreds, of companies will pop up competing in this space.  Screen sharing, white boarding and collaboration will all be executed in the browser without the need for downloads or plug-ins.  The same will hold true for webcam video communication between multiple parties; they will be native in the browser. Terms like Turn, Ice and Stun will be household words to those of us that work in this industry. Battles will continue between the technology titans, as everyone fights to create technology standards while continuing to fight for market share. The clash will not only be for the acquisition of new customers, but also for the retention of the existing ones.  If the webconferencing big boys don’t continue to add value through features, their market share will shrink. If they don’t learn how to live in the browser, their market share will atrophy. Strap on your seat belts boys and girls; it’s going to be a wild ride!! 

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