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How Vevo and Level 3 Created Vevo TV, an Online Music Channel

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Music videos now stream online 24-hours a day, thanks to Vevo's new streaming channel. Using its video-on-demand library and a file-based workflow, the music site created a channel that successfully mimics the linear television experience.

At the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Ivan Yang, director of systems engineering at Vevo, and Rob Roskin, senior performance advisor for Level 3, guided the audience through the channel's development. Attendees got tips on creating great-looking video for mobile viewers.

"The goal is to get the best-looking rendition," Roskin said. "That's ultimately what you're doing here. It's not about saving this or that; it's about it looking good to the customer. One of the tips I have here is that the screen resolution is no longer a viable metric. What I mean by that is that a 5-inch Android phone can now have the same amount of pixels in it and is the same 1080p that the 85-inch projector has. So when you ask somebody 'Oh, what resolution is that?' it doesn't really give you an indication of how much data to send them. Because the screen size could still be very tiny and you're not going to notice on an iPhone 8 even whether it was almost HD or HD, because it's only 4- or 5-inches big."

Attendees also learned that graphics and CPUs in mobile devices are no longer a stumbling block.

"The graphics and CPUs in devices these days are not the headache that they used to be," Roskin continued. "We used to have a problem where you just tried to play a video on let's say a Motorola Razr, and you just had to keep the CPU under 100, and if you could somehow magically do that you could do some choppy-at-best video playback. Now there's chips in the phones, they are there specially just to decode audio and video, and it can free up your CPU."

For more on how Vevo created a round-the-clock streaming video channel, watch the full video below and download the presentation.


How To: Using File-Based Workflows With Live Streaming To Replicate The Linear Television Experience

This presentation will walk you through the process of turning your video on demand (VOD) library into an online broadcast channel. Learn how to make a broadcast channel from VOD assets and the methods for distributing live streams to desktops and portable devices for all co-viewing opportunities. The session will also detail specifics on encoding, leveraging your CMS to integrate metadata, how to set up a playlist mechanism, and how to turn the file-based encodes into live HD streaming.

Speaker: Rob Roskin, Senior Performance Advisor, Level 3
Speaker: Ivan Yang, Director, Systems Engineering, VEVO

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