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MixBit App, From YouTube's Creators, Joins Vine and Instagram

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Now that social video apps are taking off (thanks to the success of Vine and Instagram) things are starting to get interesting. Today, MixBit debuted for iOS device users, and it offers its own interesting twist. Users can combine multiple videos, even videos from other MixBit users, to create their works. While Vine videos are limited to 6 seconds and Instagram videos to 15, MixBit videos can be between 1 and 16 seconds, and can be combined together. Once the user is done, he or she can upload the finished project to the MixBit website where it can be viewed even by people who don't have the app.

MixBit is the creation of Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, YouTube's cofounders, and is put out by their company Avos. They plan to launch an Android version in September.

Finished MixBit videos can range from a second to about an hour. Mixers are free to combine up to 256 clips in total, and can even go back and re-use or remix clips after a project has been published. That's because clips are stored as separate files even though they play together smoothly. Mixers are also free to save unfinished projects and come back to them.

MixBit looks to be a fun tool or toy, one that wisely appeals to the remixing generation. Look for some interesting videos to come out of it.

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