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April Video Rankings: Video Ads Continue to Rise

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Online measurement company comScore has released its video rankings for April, and the results show a slight decline in content video viewing, but a rise in video ads.

This continues a trend that's been taking place for many months. The number of content videos streamed is on a slow decline, although comScore doesn't track mobile or connected TV views, and it doesn't track premium services like Netflix and Hulu, so the monthly rankings really show that people watch video a little less on their desktops than they used to. In April, 181.9 million unique viewers in the U.S. watched 38.8 billion videos, averaging 1,201.9 minutes per viewer. That's down slightly from 182.5 million viewers watching 39.3 billion videos in March. Google, Facebook, and Vevo were again the top video properties. Viewers are certainly shifting their viewing to mobile devices and connected TVs, but comScore can't yet say how strong that shift is.

Despite the slight decline in content video viewing on desktop, video ad views are up. U.S. viewers saw 13.3 billion video ads in April, a record number. That's up from 13.2 billion in March, which was a huge jump from 9.9 billion in February. Content owners are getting more aggressive about monetizing their online videos. Google, BrightRoll, and LiveRail.com lead the way in serving video ads.

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