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Students Learn by Making Videos Outside the Classroom

The recent Enterprise Video Conference in Los Angeles looked at video uses in business and education. One of the lessons for attendees was that students learn just as much (if not more) about video creation outside the classroom as they do inside. Program co-chair and Streaming Media magazine contributor Paul Riismandel spoke about the benefits of co-curricular organizations, such as campus TV stations.

"In a lot of cases, with these co-curricular opportunities, they're learning from each other in as much or more so than they are learning from mentors, from faculty mentors," Riismandel said. "There's really good skill-sharing. But what you have there is the opportunity for students to develop these skills outside the classroom, which they can then also implement within the classroom."

A director at Northwestern University, Riismandel shared experiences he's had with students learning film production.

"I know that at Northwestern, the students I've talked to who have been involved in the student film production company say that that was absolutely critical to their education, to them developing having time to apply all these skills that they're getting in the classroom in projects in the longer forms or in different forms than they do in the classroom," Riismandel noted. "That's a very important aspect, I think, of student-generated video. And, of course, for all of these when you make it a TV station, embedded in that is, of course, that other people will watch it, that you'll make it available to other people, and you can share it."

For more on teaching students video, download Riismandel's presentation and watch the full video below.


Panel: Student-Generated Video on Campus

Students no longer are passive consumers of video. The proliferation of video-shooting smartphones and social media has made them producers. Video is a tool for creative expression, but it is also an excellent tool for evaluating performance and progress, and for sharing ideas, solutions and innovations. In this session we'll cover ways that student-generated video can be used in education, and methods for effectively and securely managing that video.

Moderator: Paul Riismandel, Director of Curriculum Support, School of Communication, Northwestern University

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