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Adding HLS Support to Flash, Adobe Sees Authentication Jump

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In a move that that could widen the reach of TV Everywhere, tech giant Adobe added full support for the HLS streaming media protocol to its flash player, Steve Allison, Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe, told Beet.TV during an interview at MIPTV 2013.

"That's a huge change to the workflow and it makes the whole TV Everywhere approach a lot more graspable," Allison said.

One challenge for broadcasters implementing TV Everywhere is reaching across screens, so being able to standardize for wireless phones, mobile devices, and the desktop helps save time and resources, Allison explained.

In a recently released report on digital video, Adobe said the number of authenticated streams grew from 18.3 million in 2011 to 222.5 million in 2012, and that the majority of authenticated video streams were viewed on mobile devices.

"There is a changing mindset that TV can be anything, it's not just the big box in the living room. It's your phone, your tablet, any screen you happen to be watching at a point in time, " Allison said. With this shift, broadcasters need to manage the delivery of content to various screens, as well as digital rights management and monetization opportunities. "We can place the ad exactly where we want it in the stream and completely understand the consumption, how much was watched, on which device, and then use that to make better ad decisions," Allison said.

For more, watch the Beet.TV video below, used with permission.

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