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Wochit Answers the Need for Fresh News Videos

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Delivering fresh news videos to any type of website, Wochit has launched a publishing platform today. Primarily based in Israel, Wochit employs a team of 20 in-house, as well as a worldwide network of contractors to create quick and customized news videos. The company says it already averages 458 news videos per day.

By signing on with Wochit, sites can deliver news videos on any topics they want, with the goal of keeping their audiences engaged.

Pricing for the videos is still being determined, said a Wochit representative. Currently, customers can buy videos a la carte for around $100 each. However, the representative emphasized that Wochit was still determining what pricing models work best for publishers. Plans in development will offer quantity-based subscriptions, topic-based subscriptions, or even more customized approaches, such as videos based on a company's own products that carry the company's brand. Wochit also offers revenue-sharing with the customer for ads shown on that customer's site.

Behind the scenes, Wochit monitors tens of thousands of social media and syndication feeds, searching out the most popular trending topics. Its production team then goes to work cranking out a high volume of short news videos. Wochit has created distribution partnerships with Grab Media, OneScreen, and Rightster. 

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