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Time Warner Extends Video Delivery with CDN

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Cable and satellite companies have been forced to make their programming available on more devices to more people in order to stay competitive. Representatives of Velocix and Time Warner Cable spoke at the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City to spotlight the changes taking place. Paul Larbey, president of Velocix CDN, Alcatel-Lucent, started things off with a look at  cable's past and future with CDNs:

"If you look a little bit more in the future, sort of where do we think as a vendor the discussion's going, it's 'Now I have that CDN in place. I'm using it to deliver my video. How do I do more with it? How do I integrate more of my legacy traffic with it? How do I improve and add value-added services to allow me to better monetize the video? How do I add more functionality into the CDN to allow me to optimally carry that video better through the network?'" said Larbey. "So, really the discussion has changed from why to how to how do I do it better."

Next up was Jaime Miles, vice president of national content operations for Time Warner Cable, who addressed customers' demands for streamed long-form content.

"The cable companies have been aware of that, but I think we've been watching it for a little while just to see if it's going to be a fad or if it's really going to take off," said Miles. "If you look back a couple three years, it became very clear that consumers wanted to watch what they want, when they want, and on the device they want to watch. So, what that's driving cable companies to do, and I can speak for Time Warner Cable, what we've decided to do, is in order to make sure we can fulfill our charter, which is to deliver video services to our customers, we've started to put infrastructure in place that allows us to do what we already did so well on the classic side and be able to deliver it through this multitude of devices that customers have."

Watch the full presentation below and download Larbey's presentation.

CDNs Role in Extending Video Delivery in Time Warner Cable

The presentation will cover the Time Warner Network vision and the critical role CDN plays in expanding their video delivery capabilities of Time Warner Cable beyond the set-top-box to the multi-screen, multi-device world. Hear about the deployment and operation of a CDN in a Cable Network from the person responsible for content and video operations and hear why CDN was key to Time Warner Cable's network vision.

Paul Larbey, President, Velocix CDN, Alcatel-Lucent
Jaime Miles, VP, National Content Operations, Time Warner Cable

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