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Amazon Studios Searches for Comedy and Children's Series Ideas

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Amazon Studios is a video production studio tucked inside of Amazon, and it creates original long-form content for Amazon Instant Video. Amazon Studios has just announced that it's expanding into comedy and children's content, and it's looking for ideas on what to produce.

Established or wannabe show creators are invited to submit proposals to Amazon Studios. Winning entries will get made, and the creators will get paid.

To submit a project, the creator needs to draft a five-page description, as well as a pilot script for either a 22-minute comedy or an 11-minute children's show. Within 45 days of posting, Amazon Studios will either put an option on the idea for $10,000 or ask the creator to add it to the Amazon Studios site for public comments. Projects that aren't optioned can be left up to get feedback from the public.

Amazon Studios will take one interesting project each month and add it to its development slate. From there, the idea gets tested with an audience. The lucky few that make it all the way through this process and have a show made will get $55,000 and up to five percent of the toy and t-shirt licensing. They'll also get shown on Amazon Instant Streaming.

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