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January Video Rankings: Overall Viewing Numbers Continue Decline

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It's nothing to panic about, but it's a curious trend that while online video is growing more mainstream, the overall number of viewers continues to decline. Online measurement company comScore reported its online video rankings for January, 2012, counting 181 million U.S. viewers. That compares to 182 million in January, 183 million in November, and 184 million in October. Those viewers watched nearly 40 billion videos in January, compared to 43.5 billion in January, for an average of 22.6 hours per viewer. Perhaps living room streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus are taking some of the viewers.

Google sites, which include YouTube, again saw the most traffic, with 152 million unique viewers (down from 157.2 million in December) watching 448.7 minutes of video each. Vevo again reached the number two spot, with 51.5 million viewers averaging 62.2 minutes.

Following Google and Vevo were Yahoo sites (49.2 million), Viacom Digital (48.1 million), and Facebook (45.1 million). Finishing out the top ten were Microsoft sites, AOL, Hulu, Amazon sites, and NBC Universal. That's the same top ten as in December, except that NBC Universal took Turner Digital's spot.

Hulu was again the ad leader, showing 1.4 billion ads to 11 percent of the population, averaging 43.1 ads per viewer. That's a slight decline from December. Next up for ads were Adap.tv (651.5 million), BrightRoll (598.4 million), Tremor Video (580.3 million), Specific Media (397.9 million), Auditude (386.7 million), Microsoft sites (385.6 million), SpotXchange (356.8 million), ESPN (343.8 million), and Viacom Digital (286.0 million). Most ad networks showed strong declines: Adap.tv, for example, served 1.1 billion ads in December. Videology, AOL, and Undertone fell out of the top ten, while SpotXchange, ESPN, and Viacom Digital all rose.

Vevo again took the title of most viewed partner channel on YouTube, followed by Warner Music, Machinima, Maker Studios, and FullScreen.

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