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CES 2012: MySpace TV Lands on Panasonic Viera Connect

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Like every CE giant, Panasonic’s end goal is less the introduction of new devices than the combination of services and entertainment over devices which enhances the user experience.

For Panasonic this means enhancements to its Viera Connect platform, most notably the launch onto it of MySpace TV a companion app introduced on stage by MySpace investor (and erstwhile pop star) Justin Timberlake.

“It’s not web video – its television,” said  Shiro Kitajima, marketing president. “Myspace TV is enhancing TV with the addition of a social layer such as chat in real time and being able to see what shows are trending with friends. No one has ever been able to deliver this in a truly  integrated package.”

Timberlake added: “Myspace TV is the first foray into the future of what TV can become.”

MySpace TV

Viera Connect also now includes movie search and streaming service Flixter, search service TV.com, an alliance with Disney’s publishing arm to bring interactive digital books for kids to its TVs; and an app for content from studio Miramax.

“We are innovating on the traditional role of the studio,” said Miramax CEO Michael Lang. “With the Miramax app we can explore whole new ways to deliver our movies by taking advantage of social media and connectivity.”

Panasonic has also allied with Disney’s publishing arm to bring interactive digital books for kids to its TVs.

Almost 90% of the firm’s 2012 lineup will be webconnected.

Also at the conference, NBC Universal declared its intention to broadcast the London 2012 Olympics in 3D. It will be airing over 200 3D hours of the event including the opening and closing ceremonies this summer. What was not outlined was how the broadcaster aims to do this, but presumably it will be by cable rather than over the air transmission.

The electronics manufacturer further announced an extension of its sponsorship of DirecTV’s n3D channel and mentioned that a number of joint commissioned new programs are in the works.

“For a new format 3D did quite well last year,” said Kitajima. “This year I am confident will be the year of 3D content.”

Indeed 93% of its plasma displays and 40% of its LCD TVs plus four out of its six new Blu-ray players are 3D capable.

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