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Ramp Offers Support for Popcorn.JS, Announces Commercial Use

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At the Mozilla Festival in London, content optimization platform Ramp has announced support for the Popcorn.JS open source HTML5 initiative. Popcorn.JS is an open source JavaScript and HTML5 media framework created by Mozilla. Its purpose is to let content producers connect video to related content, expanding the user's video experience. Mozilla released the 1.0 version of Popcorn.JS at the festival.

Not just lip service, Ramp announced the first commercial implementation of Popcorn.JS with the launch of PeoplesChoice.com. The awards show site lets viewers see contextually related information next to the videos they play. This information is time-coded to exact moments in the video. Ramp added this automatically across thousands of videos with its algorithmic tools for creating time-coded metadata. 

Ramp has also integrated Popcorn.JS with its MediaCloud technology and its MetaPlayer.

"Ramp's unique technology and IP enables content publishers to produce time-coded metadata automatically and cost-effectively across the exploding amounts of audio and video content on the web," says Tom Wilde, Ramp's CEO. "The combination of RAMP's capabilities and the Popcorn.JS frameworks creates the opportunity to fundamentally change the way video is used to tell stories, communicate information, and entertain."

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