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YuMe Offers 3 New Products to Drive Brand Engagement

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Video advertising company YuMe has announced three new advertising categories all designed to increase viewer engagement with online video ads. Falling under the initiative YuMe Ads, they offer pre-rolls that encourage viewers to visit Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, and include additional brand awareness and viewer response components.

The first, YuMe Pre-Roll, lets the advertiser select up to three interactivity options -- such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and store/dealer locator -- from a list. The options don't increase turnaround time and don't include an extra cost.

Second, Ready-Made builds off existing pre-roll videos and adds in-player web API integrations for sites such as Twitter, Google, and YouTube.

Finally, Custom-Made offers built-to-order ads with in-player interaction and branding flexibility. This option also supports in-player web API integrations.

"Consumers are actively consuming online video and brand advertisers are getting more adventurous and creative about their cross-screen video ad campaigns and offering consumers more ways to interact with their brands," says YuMe CEO Jayant Kadambi. "These new interactive video ad formats will help brands connect the dots and engage with consumers more fully wherever they're viewing content -- whether it be on their phone, PC, or TV." 

Scroll down for a video (courtesy of Beet.TV) with YuMe's chief revenue officer Scott Lernon explaining the new formats.

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