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YouTube Announces 3D Converter and Full-length Uploads

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YouTube made three big announcements for video creators on its blog yesterday, including the ability to convert 2D videos to 3D with one click. The 3D feature is in beta, and the effect will only be visible to viewers with a 3D screen and glasses, but it opens up 3D to those who don't have a dual-lens 3D camera.

To access the feature, video-makers should choose one of their uploaded videos, select Edit Info, and then 3D Video.

The video sharing site is also raising the time limit on uploaded videos. Previously, uploaded material was limited to 15 minutes in length. Now, YouTube is allowing "long uploads" (there doesn't seem to be a specific time limit) to any account with a clean record that completes an account verification.

The blog notes that YouTube recently launched a resumable uploads tool, so that interrupted uploads can be picked up later without losing anything.

Offering long-form uploading is a great move for YouTube, as it makes the site more appealing to serious video-makers, and gives living room viewers more long content to watch.

Finally, YouTube announced that it's added two more video editing tools for its members. Vlix lets creators add effects and text, while Magisto automatically turns unedited material into short, fun clips.

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