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Auditude Adopts Innovid's iRoll Ad Unit for Greater Engagement

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Innovid has again found partner success with its iRoll video advertising unit. This time, Autitude, which offers video advertising technology and monetization solutions for premium content owners, is partnering to with Innovid to support its pre-roll technology.

Innovid's iRoll ad unit can be used to create a more engaging viewer experiences, such as offering coupons or showing a carousel of products. Brand marketers are able to combine premium video with other interactive elements.

Innovid has previously partnered with Tremor Video (then Tremor Media) to make the iRoll unit available.

By working with Auditude, Innovid gains access to a roster of premium brand advertisers. Auditude has announced that it will launch the iRoll on its platform with a campaign by a major consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand.

"Brands are looking for innovative advertising formats that grab audience attention and, therefore, generate higher engagement. By working with Innovid, we can offer one of the most effective and innovative interactive video ad units in the market," says Jeremy Helfand, CEO of Auditude. "The combination of compelling, interactive ad units and high-quality content creates greater brand recall for marketers and a superior ad experience for our technology partners."

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