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Apple iPhone Is the Top Video Viewer, Says Vuclip Report

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The iPhone is used more than any other mobile device for video viewing, says a report by Vuclip. While that honor had previously gone to BlackBerry, the iPhone enjoyed a surge in viewing in June and took to top spot. This comes from the July 2011 Global Video Insights Report put out by Vuclip, an independent mobile video service.

The report notes that the iPhone hasn't been as popular in the rest of the world as it is in the United States, but it's quickly been catching up to devices from RIM and Nokia.

All the data in this report is about Vuclip's viewing numbers, so it doesn't necessarily represent all mobile video traffic. Still, the site serves 360 million videos per month, so it's able to create an interesting snapshot of what's trending around the world.

The report breaks phone use down by areas. It found that among Vuclip viewers, the iPhone has become the leading smartphone for mobile video in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. It also became the top device in China, where local movies and TV shows are popular for mobile viewing.

For more information, download the entire report as a PDF. It shows the top viral videos in various countries. For example, this video of a dog dancing the Flamenco, was the top viral video in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Venezuela.

"July marks a major inflection point in the smartphone race," says Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO of Vuclip. "While we know Apple is a media darling in North America and Europe, it's interesting to see that it's now become an increasingly popular smartphone in international markets in terms of mobile video consumption."

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