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What HTML5 Video Can Offer Businesses

There's a difference between what people think HTML5 can do and what it actually can do, said Shay David, co-founder and chief revenue officer for Kaltura, in his Streaming Media East presentation.

"HTML5...has a very, very big promise for business, which is to simplify the operational aspects of video publishing and delivery," David began.

"One of the major promises of HTML5 is the video tag. It's the promise of the ability to include video as an elemental data tag on your pages with one stated objective, which is ingest once and play anywhere," he said.

David then listed several of the things that HTML5 theoretically should be able to do, such as browser and device targeting, transcoding to different codecs, and simplifying integration with Web pages.

"The dirty secret about HTML5: it doesn't do any of that," David stated.

To learn what it can do, and what it offers businesses in particular, download Shay's presentation and watch the entire video below.

The Business Case for HTML5 Video

With major media sites such as YouTube, The New York Times, Flickr, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Vimeo now offering HTML5 video players, and Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers rapidly adding HTML5 features, it's time to consider what HTML5 offers in comparison to competing proprietary technologies such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, and Sun's JavaFX. What are the implications for your business? What tools are available for effectively using HTML5 multimedia elements? What are the trade-offs? This session looks at the current state of the market and discusses how you can expect HTML5 video to impact your business.

Moderator: Shay David, Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer, Kaltura Inc.

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