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Announcing the Publisher's Online Video Workshop

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Niche publications are the long tail content of the magazine world. Titles like Scaffold Industry, Fruit Growers News, and Pharmaceutical Compounding might not be of much interest to the general public, but to the people in those industries, they're as vital as the Wall Street Journal or Wired. And while general interest magazine readership has fallen over the last few years, readership for niche publications has stayed strong.

After all, these publications—more than 8,000 of them in the U.S.—are often the only authoritative resources within these very specialized industries, or for hobbyists like beer brewers, winemakers, and horse enthusiasts. For years, the Niche Magazine and Niche Digital conferences have been the leading events for niche publishers, the go-to places for them to learn more about how to advance their publications' missions, find out about the challenges and opportunities specific to niche media, and get practical advice on generating revenue. This year, Niche Media—the organization behind those events—is teaming with Streaming Media to present the Publisher's Online Video Workshop, a one-day bonus event that will be part of the Niche Digital event in Chicago on September 28.

"Niche publishing is all about connecting with a specific, segmented audience that have a common personal interest or business in common," says Carl Landau, head of Niche Media, "and video is a great connector." Niche publishers have already figured out that there's no better way to reach an audience than with video—in a recent Streaming Media/Niche Media survey of more than 12,000 people in the field, 80% said they were already using video, and another 19% said they plan to in the next 12 months.

But our survey also revealed that these publishers aren't necessarily producing their own video yet—69% of respondents said they currently have or produce video. And the ones that do post video online tend to use YouTube (40%). In other words, while they've gotten the message that video is something they need on their sites, they still have plenty to learn. And that's where the Publisher's Online Video Workshop comes in.

The event will offer niche publishers a unique opportunity to learn about all aspects of online video, from "Online Video 101" and "Turning Viewers Into Cash" to "Turning Writers and Editors into Video Producers" and "Video + Social = Two Great Strategies that Work Great Together."For the entire lineup, check out the Publisher's Online Video Workshop program.

Watch the video below to learn more about the event. We've also got a great sponsorship program available; contact Joel Unickow if you're interested.

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