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Rackspace and Kaltura Join, Offer Video Platform in the Cloud

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Rackspace hosting, which offers hosting and cloud computing, has partnered with open source video platform Kaltura to offer Kaltura in the cloud. Kaltura has entered Rackspace's Cloud Tools Program.

This means that publishers, including media companies, enterprises, small- or medium-sized businesses, or universities, can initiate a Rackspace instance of Kaltura in 15 minutes. They'll get the full use of Kaltura's offerings, including rich-media ingestion, transcoding, management, metadata extraction, SEO, distribution, publishing, analytics, and more.

"Video is one of the main drivers on the web today, and we see continuous rapid growth in the amount of bandwidth consumed by video on the cloud," says Nishan Sivathasan, director of corporate development for Rackspace. "

The version of Kaltura available is its Community Edition, which is free to use, but offers no support or maintenance. Users can get started with a 4GB RAM/160GB to a 15GB RAM/620GB disk instance and expand as needed. Kaltura says the few needed installation steps take under 15 minutes.

Content owners can also use the Commercial Edition of Kaltura with Rackspace, which offers maintenance and support. To do so, they'll need to contact Kaltura first for payment and to make sure they're getting the right software. The two versions have the same features and are both open source, but the Community Edition is free and requires that modifications be shared with Kaltura.

"We are delighted to expand our cloud-based video platform to also support the Rackspace Network," adds Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura's chairman & CEO. "Publishers can now easily deploy a Rackspace-hosted video management platform within minutes and at minimal cost based on Kaltura's commercial on-premise software or on its free open-source version."

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