Facing the Challenge of Multi-device Mobile Delivery

More mobile traffic, more devices, a consolidation of operating systems, and more networks (including the emerging 4G): as Stefan Bewley of Altman Vilandrie & Company, moderator of a Content Delivery Summit panel on the challenges of mobile, pointed out, there are huge demands and changes facing CDNs in the mobile space.

"I think a lot of the focus in the last few years has been on the devices themselves," said Joseph Ambeault, director of product development and management, video services, at Verizon. "Some of the things that if you came out of a fixed device realm for multimedia that you took for granted there."

"I would probably say that last year was the first year that mobile video 'work worked' as opposed to just worked," added Ambeault.

The mobile onslaught is something that CDNs are going to have to face, and quickly, whether they're ready or not.

"Getting ready for this transition is-in every sense of the words-not optional. We're seeing just staggering cutover in terms of the amount of traffic that's going to these devices," said Josh Gagliardi, the CTO of Highwinds. He also noted that most mobile traffic was currently streaming over Wi-Fi connections, not mobile networks.

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Mobile Content Delivery: Operational Challenges Of A Multi-device World

Mobile data and video traffic has surged, more than doubling on an annual basis. Leading CDNs are actively developing technologies to support streaming to new devices like the iPad with adaptive bitrate capabilities and other features. This session will evaluate the latest advancements in mobile video delivery, the major players shaping the landscape, and key technology considerations such as deployment models and capacity planning. Panelists will debate new technology and partner opportunities to help CDNs support multi-screen capabilities and further monetize the mobile video trend.

Moderator: Stefan Bewley, Director, Altman Vilandrie & Company
Speaker: Michael Weider, CEO, Blaze
Speaker: Kumar Gopalakrishnan, Director, Product Management, Openwave Systems
Speaker: Josh Gagliardi, CTO, Highwinds
Speaker: Joseph Ambeault, Director, Product Development and Management, Video Services, Verizon

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