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25 Flash Video Resources You Might Have Missed

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Maybe you're just learning about Flash video or maybe you're sharpening your skills. In any case, this list has something for you. Check out a few of the links and learn how to make your online videos look better and play on more devices.

Flash Video Articles

Video Learning Guide for Flash: Overview
This overview article from Adobe is a terrific first stop for those just getting their feet wet with online video.

HTML5 Vs. Flash
Sometimes you'll want to present your online videos in Flash and sometimes you'll want to use an HTML5 format. Here's how to tell the difference.

Flash Video Demystified
Another great read for those new to Flash, this long article gives step-by-step instructions for presenting Flash video.

The Basics About FLV
This brief intro to Flash video spells out what you'll need to get started and explains different streaming methods.

How to Encode Flash Video With H.264
This eHow article offers simple steps for creating H.264 Flash video with three different programs.

The Flash Video How-to
This overview tells how to output Flash, create a player, and integrate both into your website.

Measuring Video Consumption in Flash
Besides streaming video, Flash can let you know how your viewers are consuming that video. This article guides you through the details.

HTTP Dynamic Streaming with Flash Access Protection
This detailed article from Adobe explains the solution that will let you safeguard your streamed video.

Recommendations for Encoding H.264 Video for Flash Player 10.2 on Mobile Devices
Before you create your mobile strategy, read this Adobe article on streaming to mobile devices with H.264.

Flash Video Production Resources

JW Player
You're going to need a player to show your video and the JW Player is the most popular open source version around.

Flash Video Websites

Kevin Towes on Online Video at Adobe
This blog, written by Flash Media Server product manager Kevin Towes, should be a regular stop for anyone who cares about Flash.

Flash Media Blog
For the latest news on the Adobe Flash Media Server, bookmark this blog and check it often.

Adobe's Flash Media Server Development Center
Developers getting started with or running a Flash Media Server will find essentials and updates at this site.

Adobe Video Technology Center
This portal site is a gateway to Adobe articles, videos, and tutorials on Flash video.

This site, run by StreamingMedia.com contributor Stefan Richter, is packed with high-level Flash tutorials and advice.

Videos and Webcasts About Flash Video

Flash CS5 Tutorial
This video shows Flash CS5's new features and explains how to get the most out of them.

Latest Developments of Flash Player for Mobile Devices
This video from Adobe TV explains recent changes to the Flash mobile player. Scroll down for more episodes on related topics.

AdobeTV Video Production Channel
Adobe puts a huge amount of resources online for people using its products. This video library if full of titles on video production.

FLV Encoding Basics
This video is a great place to start for those who aren't sure how to get their video in a Web-friendly format.

Basic Coding For Flash Video
Understand the basics of Action Script and how it's used in delivering Flash with this helpful video.

Flash Video Presentations and Conferences

Adobe MAX
The place to be for Adobe creative professionals is the Adobe MAX conference. It takes place in October in Los Angeles.

Streaming Media West
The Streaming Media conferences tackle current issues in online video strategy, production, and delivery. The West Coast conference takes place in November.

E-mail Lists

Flashnewbie Mailing List
Chatting with peers can be a great way to get help when it's needed. If you're new to Flash, sign up for the Flashnewbie list.

FlashLounge Mailing List
The FlashLounge is for those a bit more experienced in Flash. Share creative projects and ask questions.

The Flash Media List
FlashComGuru has it's own Flash email list, one that's attracted hundreds of Flash Video professionals.

Got a resource you think should be added to this list? Email us and let us know, and we'll list it below, unless it's content that specifically promotes one vendor's solutions.

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