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EyeWonder Reports Highlight Role of Online Video Advertising

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EyeWonder Interactive, a digital advertising agency owned by Limelight Networks, released two research reports that show the strength of online video advertising in the United States and Europe.

The first report, Utilizing Video as a Path to Conversion, shows the opportunity of online video advertising and offers best practices for specs such as video length and completion rates.

The second report, Tipping Point:: A European Perspective on Online Video Advertising, was compiled by European thought leaders. It highlights that online video advertising is finally ready to explode to across Europe.

EyeWonder's best practices research shows that instant-play video is a great tool for engaging viewers. Last year, EyeWonder delivered 2.5 times more instant-play video ads than user-initiated video ads.

EyeWonder also gives best practice for running times. For maximum effectiveness, make ads 30 seconds or shorter, it says.

"Video is an emotional and powerful way for advertisers to communicate with customers," says John Vincent, EyeWonder's CEO. "Today online video advertising presents consumers with a myriad of opportunities to interact with brands. Advertisers are loading ads with engaging features leading to increased interaction rates. With video ads accounting for 12.8 percent of all videos viewed and 1.2 percent of all minutes spent viewing video online, the opportunities for brand marketers now and in the future are nearly endless."

To get either Utilizing Video or Tipping Point, visit their Limelight pages and request a free copy.

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