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Comcast Outlines the Rapid Growth of Online Video

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"The growth in video is fairly staggering and it's going to continue," said Barry Tishgart, vice president at Comcast, during a keynote address at yesterday's Content Delivery Summit in New York City.

Tishgart was there to spell out the numbers behind online video's rapid rise to prominence, and to detail the economics behind it. Comcast counts 200 million web views per day, he said, and requires a half-petabyte of storage. To stream its 60,000 hours of video, Comcast not only built its one CDN, but also works with several others, he added.

Regarding the importance of CDNs, Tighgart said that "CDNs source 50 to 60 percent of traffic," and noted that some CDNs are doubling in traffic every 12 months.

Tighgart spoke about the funding needed for continued growth, and ended with online video trends from Forrester Research. People will watch video on 3.5 devices per week, he said, and 40 percent of their viewing will be "viewer controlled," such as using time shifting or services like Netflix. Physical media is disappearing, he added, and the future is in digital rights

For the complete keynote, watch the video below.

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Mon., July 20, by Troy Dreier