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Interclick Launches Advertising Platform

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Interclick, a company that focuses on creating solutions for online advertising, has announced the launch of its own video advertising platform. The platform is integrated into OSM (Open Segment Manager), Interclick's suite of data-driven ad services.

With the integrated offering, customers can get measurements on how their display and video campaigns impact each other. Interclick is positioning itself as a one-stop shop for companies that want to launch diversified online campaigns.

Interclick's tools allow for real-time reporting to improve a campaign's results.

"OSM allows us to provide marketers with the analytics that solve many of the buying challenges that they have faced over the past few years," says Michael Katz, Interclick's CEO. "By being able to quantify the impact of video on display, and vice versa, we are helping clients build consistent cross-channel executions, and improve their overall marketing strategies"

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