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Knocking Live Video Hits 2 Million Users; Shows Future of Video Chat

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While the Apple 4's FaceTime feature has been gaining attention thanks to an emotionally satisfying advertising campaign, perhaps Knocking Live Video is the service that deserves the attention. While Apple's service is a walled garden and will likely stay that way for a long while, Knocking Live Video works between iPhone and Android devices.

Knocking Live Video just announced that it reached a significant milestone by gaining 2 million users. It's available via a free app on each platform.

This service isn't the same as FaceTime, and the features differ in interesting ways. It doesn't offer two-way video chat. Instead, one person sends video and one person views. It also doesn't offer audio. Typically, two people will already be on a phone call, and then initiate a Knocking Live Video session.

The service isn't limited to Wi-Fi, so it works on 3G connections, as well, and it even works with the Apple iPad. The company has announced that a BlackBerry version will be available soon.

Along with usage numbers, Knocking Live Video announced that several veteran media executives are joining the company. Ty Braswell from Sony Corp. and Virgin Records is joining the advisory board. Suren Pai, a veteran of several media ventures, is also joining the board.

"Knocking has gone from an underground mobile phenomena to a beloved mobile tool for many celebrities and bloggers" said Jim Montalto, co-founder of Knocking Live Video. "People are using Knocking in ways that we'd never imagined and we're excited to build out an advisory board that can help us scale our business."

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