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3Play Offers Innovative Transcripts for Online Videos

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3Play Media has already made a name for itself with its video captioning service, but now it's using the same technology to create user-interactive video transcripts. The transcripts sit beside the video, and the words spoken are automatically highlighted. The viewer can click on a word in the transcript at any time to jump to that place in the video.

The transcripts work with a site plug-in, so there's nothing for the viewer to do. Interested customers can sample the transcript service here.

What makes the Cambridge, Massachussetts-based 3Play's transcripts so accurate is that they aren't completely computer-generated. The company has a three-step transcription process, with two human editors going over the computer-generated text.

3Play's transcription services start at $1.90 per minute of video, and that rate can be higher depending on the complexity of the job (determined by factors like the number of speakers, the quality of the audio, and whether any of the speakers have heavy accents). To use 3Play's transcription service, you'll need to host the transcripts with the company and have 3Play stream them. (The company offers tight integration with Brightcove and Kaltura, but will work with any online video platform.) 3Play's hosting starts at $19 per month for 1GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth.

3Play has also released an Archive Search plug-in, which lets users search for text in a large library of video.

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