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Sorenson Partners with SEO.com

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It's not enough that your videos look good; you've got to help people find them. That's the idea behind a partnership announced today between Sorenson Media and SEO.com. Sorenson's customers can tap SEO.com's experts for search engine targeting advice and SEO.com's customers can talk to Sorenson's people about optimizing video quality.

In a world of automated services, there's something old fashioned about the one-on-one service that this partnership offers. If you're an existing customer of Sorenson's 360 online video platform and you need help with search engine optimization, you can tell your Sorenson rep that you need help and get a service agreement crafted for your needs. After than, an SEO.com representative will be assigned to you and will advise you on your search goals. That rep will even be able to enter your account and fine-tune metadata on your behalf.

You can choose from monthly or yearly recurring plans to improve your search rankings. You can't simply hire an expert once, though; it needs to be a longer commitment.

"SEO is not a one-shot deal," says Eric Quanstrom, Sorenson's vice president of marketing.

SEO.com customers who need help optimizing the look of their videos can in turn request assistance from a Sorenson professional. They'll get access to all Sorenson's online tools, and their rep will be able to optimize videos on their behalf.

Due to the many variables involved, Quanstrom couldn't give an estimate on pricing for the professional services.

"This partnership-the first of its kind between two best-of-breed companies-will provide tremendous advantages for customers of both Sorenson Media and SEO.com," adds Quanstrom. "We are committed to empowering our customers with the best solutions for creating and delivering high-quality video content online, and helping ensure that the content they create reaches its intended audience. We want them to be on page one, not buried on page 50."

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