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Brightcove and Gotuit Partnership Makes Adding Metadata Easy

Customers of both Gotuit and Brightcove now have a simpler way to not only add metadata to their videos, but to define start and stop times for different scenes, all without leaving their editing workflow.

Gotuit, a Boston-based company that provides scene-based metadata, has joined the Brightcove Alliance, Brightcove’s global partner program, allowing its services to work seamlessly within the Brightcove interface.

That means that people storing video on Brightcove can choose to have their material sent to Gotuit from within the interface, where scenes are defined and customized metadata added for each scene. The metadata tagging and scene selections are done by hand, so there’s no automation that could add incorrect information. Gotuit works with live broadcasts as well as recorded video.

To understand the value of Gotuit’s service, consider Turner Sports, one of the company’s clients, says Patrick Donovan, vice president and general manager. Its show Inside the NBA is broken into scenes, so that viewers who only want to see Charles Barkley’s commentary or a section on a certain team can go right to that clip.

Offering that kind of specificity has other value, as well, says Donovan. You can create playlists with just clips for one team or serve ads based on specific content.

Gotuit’s metadata is stored in the cloud in databases, where it can output to search feeds or to third-party syndication partners.

“It’s a metadata lens through which the viewer sees your library,” says Donovan.

With this announcement, customers can get the benefits of Gotuit’s metadata services without leaving their workflow. Gotuit will find the content on Brightcove and add metadata. That metadata is stored in XML files, which the viewer’s player uses to download and control the video files.

If you’d prefer to add metadata and define scenes yourself, you can do that as well using Gotuit’s software.

"The announcement should be great news for Brightcove customers that are looking to drive more revenue from their video library without changing their video workflow. Creating metadata that describes each of your scenes using Gotuit has proven to greatly increase the advertising inventory available, the number of visits to the site, and the time spent by those visitors watching your video,” says Donovan.

Gotuit is priced on a SaaS model and is based on the volume of streams. In other words, the more ads you can serve by offering defined scenes, the more you split with Gotuit.

"For long-form publishers, it allow their content to be found piecemeal rather than in aggregate, so if you have a half-hour show you'll be able to find pieces within that show that weren't specifically named by the publisher,” says Chris Johnston, director of technology partnerships for Brightcove. When people can find what they’re looking for, they stay longer and watch more, he notes. "It creates tremendous advertising opportunities, which adds a lot of value.”

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