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Veeple To Add Titles, Keywords to Embed Codes

Online video platforms make it easy to distribute video to multiple sites, using HTML embed codes that are easy to copy and paste into content management systems and blog software. In most cases, though, the embed codes don't do anything to help with search engine optimization, and while they include the filename, they don't necessarily include the title of the video or any keywords describing its content.

That's not true in all cases; if the title and video creator is displayed as an overlay, for instance, that information will appear in the embed code (as it does for Vimeo videos, for example). Veeple will announce soon that they're adding the video title and the keywords to their embed codes, which should make the videos more easily discoverable by search engines and, hopefully, improve their Google rankings.

"We tested it on all platforms and on all browsers, including Chrome," says Veeple CEO Scott Broomfield. "We also tested inside of Dreamweaver applications (which is notoriously bad for long embed codes) and it works there too."

Below is an example of a Veeple Video with title and keywords in the embed code. If you view it here and right-click (or control-click for Macs) on the page and select "page source" or "view source," you can see that it has the title "Interactive Video for Mobile Phones by Veeple" toward the end of the source code, along with more than 15 keywords, including "interactive video," "mobile phone," "iPhone," "Droid," and "video SEO." (You could also right- or control-click to view the source code of this page; the video source code is visible towards the end.)

<h1>Interactive Video for Mobile Phones by Veeple</h1><p>interactive video, mobile phone, html5, flash, iphone, droid, video marketing, online video, online video platform, social media, video blogging, streaming media, reelseo, itvt, vatortv, video seo</p><a href="www.veeple.com" alt="Veeple Interactive Video">Veeple Interactive Video</a>

Veeple is known for interactivity, adding hotspots to the videos themselves or to overlays that viewers can click on for more information, or to visit a website, send an email, or other fucntions. The company claims that their videos have a 22% clickthrough rate.

The addition of keywords and the video title to the embed codes is something that, on the face of it, seems like a no-brainer, and I can't say for sure whether or not Veeple is the first online video platform to do this, though when I went to get embed codes from a half-dozen other leading platforms, none of them had video titles or keywords.

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