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Industry Perspectives: The New Era of Corporate Communications

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But perhaps more important than how these spontaneous sessions are created is how they are perceived. Before they invested in an enterprise webcasting solution, AMD had to invest in high-end production teams to generate a corporate video. Today, the company has not only eliminated that expense but also upped the impact of its videos. As Kroll puts it: "Employees don’t want to feel they are being marketed to. Rather, they want to be part of an open, frank discussion. Simplicity brings credibility."

Recently, AMD has undergone another monumental change: Dirk Meyer took the company’s reins from 6-year CEO Hector Ruiz in July. Meyer has already set the tone for his era by rolling out video in the form of multiminute updates to help employees stay focused and motivated.

Video will complement Meyer’s communication style, which is open and direct. He plans to create and share biweekly videos discussing customer experiences, big wins, news announcements, financials, strategies, product updates, and department and employee recognition. This level of transparency will serve to keep employees informed and inspired as AMD enters a new phase in which video will play a critical role.

According to Kroll, "The real ROI is just starting to unfold. Our executives knew video could be powerful, but now that the first deployment has rolled out, they truly get it. From my perspective, enterprise video is poised to dramatically alter the way companies do business forever."

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