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Avid Expands Trilligent Line

Avid's Internet division, Avid Internet Solutions, announced that it was expanding its Trilligent Cluster line (www.trilligent.com) of streaming media systems to include a version for enterprise customers. Avid's original Trilligent Cluster solution was designed for large data centers looking for a complete streaming solution.

The new product takes down the functionality to serve fewer streams in a corporate environment. The company said the new product would meet the needs of video on demand (VOD), distance learning, and corporate communications applications.

Avid's Trilligent Cluster is a turnkey streaming system that includes server, storage and a file system. According to the company, the new version delivers more than 2,000 simultaneous video streams and 54GB of storage. The system runs on Windows 2000 and supports Windows Media, RealNetworks and QuickTime streaming.

"Avid's experience in networking and shared storage technology that has been optimized for digital media allowed us to create a robust streaming media system that offers unmatched price/performance from an industry-standards based platform," said Mike Rockwell, general manager of Avid Internet Solutions. "With this new entry level system, organizations that are just getting into streaming can take advantage of a powerful system that leverages all of Avid's experience in digital media, and have a clear migration path to a larger system as their needs grow.''

Avid said that the Trilligent system starts at $29,995.

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