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Loral Cyberstar Announces Enterprise Streaming Solution

Loral CyberStar (www.cyberstar.com), a satellite service provider, unveiled its new ClearStream Live solution targeting enterprise customers.

Essentially this is a live addition to Loral Cyberstar's existing on-demand ClearStream solution. The company said it offers customers an effective way to transmit video to corporate desktops over its IP multicast network. Using Loral's satellite-based network, companies can bypass the Internet, and even avoid wide area network (WAN) congestion.

ClearStream uses digital video broadcast (DVB) technology, a browser, and the Windows Media Player, and can use 300 Kbps video streams.

"To remain competitive, companies must be able to offer uniform communications to global workforces on an increasing variety of topics from product training to workplace safety to corporate goals and values," said Neil Bauer, president, Loral CyberStar. "Today, it is not enough to send out videotapes or CDs en masse and hope for the best. With ClearStream, enterprises now have a way not only to present high-quality, relevant, and compelling content, but to send that content straight to the desktop of every employee."

Loral CyberStar also offers ClearStream Learning (for two-way distance learning applications), ClearStream Manager (for monitoring streams), ClearStream Webcasting (to reach Internet users) and ClearStream File Transfer (for multicasting large files across multiple locations).

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