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Surgient Networks Secures $57 Million

A brand new content delivery company called Surgient Networks (www.surgient.com), announced that it has received $57 million in second round funding.

Austin Ventures, Cisco Systems and Enron Broadband Services, a subsidiary of Enron Corp., were the lead investors, along with JAFCO Ventures, RockMountain Ventures, Sternhill Partners, Comdisco, Inc. and Agave Capital, LP.

Additionally, Surgient's first round private investors joined in this round, including: Bill Joy (co-founder of Sun Microsystems), Rod Canion (co-founder of Compaq), Reed Hundt (former chairman of the FCC), and others.

"Given today's business environment, we continue to be encouraged by the investment community's recognition of both our team and our futuristic vision of how network applications should be enabled," said Nagi Rao, president and chief executive officer of Surgient Networks.

"As many companies race to uncork the bottlenecks within the first and last mile of the network with point product solutions, Surgient remains focused on creating extensible products architected for the way all types of content will ultimately be managed and delivered."

"As the demand for rich media and accelerated content delivery continues to increase, there exists a real need for advanced products like Surgient's network application platforms," said Stan Hanks, founder and president of Network Mercenaries, Inc. and former CTO of Enron Broadband Services. "The future of the Internet is all about speed, efficiency and creating new revenue sources. Surgient's deterministic delivery of content satisfies that need."

Austin, Texas-based Surgient says it has created a "network application platform" to deliver a wide range of media. The company said its planned deployment will be in mid-2001.

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