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Inetcam Introduces iVISTA 3.0 Streaming Webcam Software

Inetcam (http://www.inetcam.com) today announced it released its iVISTA 3.0 software that allows users to broadcast streaming video from their webcams.

Unlike other software that just offers uploading of still images, iVISTA's software lets users stream audio and video.

"The future of personal communications is here. Our forecasts indicatethat over 12 million webcams will be sold this year," said Leo Volfson,Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer of Inetcam. "People wantto delve into this new exciting Internet capability, but don't want softwareto place limits on their personal creativity. iVISTA 3.0 offers people aneasy way to webcast what they want at an extremely reasonable price -- andmade it equally easy for anyone to see it from anywhere in the world."

iVISTA video can be viewed from any browser and doesn't require players or plug-ins.

The basic iVISTA software is free and supports just video-only streaming. Modulescan be purchased separately that includes full audio capabilities, multiple video streaming, motion detection,personalized web address, and other features for about $100.

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