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Adobe Files Suit Against Macromedia

Adobe (http://www.adobe.com) announced Thursday it filed a copyright infringement suit against Macromedia ( http://www.macromedia.com) over the upcoming release of Flash 5 software.

According to Adobe, Macromedia is copying Adobe's tabbed palette patent for displaying content on the screen. Adobe says that the interface is important in differentiating its products from its competitors.

"We are taking this action now, after notifying Macromedia on several occasions that its products are infringing our patent. The remedy sought is straightforward - we ask them to stop infringing our patents," said Bruce Chizen, Adobe's president. "Adobe will not be the R&D department for its competitors."

Macromedia, naturally, denies the claims made in the lawsuit. In a statement, Macromedia said that it believes that Adobe's "U.S. Patent No. 5,546,528 is invalid and unenforceable and that Macromedia does not violate the patent".

According to Macromedia, the lawsuit will not delay the release of Flash 5.

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