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TellSoft Enhances iTalkMail Technology

TellSoft Technologies (http://www.tellsoft.com), announced the launch of a new version of iTalkMail, one of the company's main products that allows subscribers to send voice messages as streaming media files.

The new version offers better distribution capabilities, security andCustomization, says the company.

"With this enhancedversion of iTalkMail, TellSoft is further positioned as the ASP of choice forany company seeking to leverage value-added services for their communicationsand/or customer offerings," said BillTomeo, president and CEO of TellSoft Technologies. "We also see iTalkMail as a core component todefining and enabling unified messaging solutions."

iTalkMail is a free, basic voice email messaging that let subscribers record and immediately send voice messagesto recipient(s) via any touch-tone phone.

Subscribers must set up a distribution list on the company's web site, first, however.

iTalkMail now allows users to setup and send voice email messages to multiple distribution lists and to change their own passwords from Tellsoft's website.

iTalkMail is just one part of TellSoft's suite of phone-to-streaming services; there's iTalkWeb and iTalkLive, as well.

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