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RadioWallStreet.com Acquires WallStreetRadio.com

RadioWallStreet.com (http://www.radiowallstreet.com), owned by Investor Broadcast Network, said it purchased WallStreetRadio.com ( http://www.wallstreetradio.com) from privately-held esecurities.com.

No financial details were disclosed.

If nothing else, the purchase will end lots of confusion. In fact, that's why IBN says it bought WallStreetRadio.com, because people often confused the two sites.

What's the difference? Investor Broadcast Network's RadioWallStreet.com offers live audio interviews with CEOs and analysts. It also ownsVcall.com which serves as a gateway for investors look for information on shareholders' meetings, earnings results, corporate overviews and annual results.

WallStreetRadio.com, on the other hand, lets users listen to Bloomberg Radio/Television, CBS MarketWatch audio, c|net radio, and other audio information.

Got that? Lesson over.

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