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Snowball.com to Deliver Original Broadband Content

Snowball.com (http://www.snowball.com) said today it would start broadband programming on IGN.com ( http://www.ign.com).

Snowball.com owns a network of sites that cater to the youth market. IGN.com has a monthly audience of more than 3.9 million entertainment and game enthusiasts.

The initiative called IGNtv will be delivered from by Snowball.com's new broadband studio.

Oddly enough, Snowball.com says it will be using streaming QuickTime video because of its interactive capabilities.

"Unlike most current video and audio available on Web, which is merely streaming, Snowball.com is delivering true broadband on IGNtv," said Rick Boyce, president of the networks for Snowball.com. "IGN.com is the first entertainment site targeted to Gen-i that fully integrates broadband technologies into site content. The site is also breaking new ground by creating revenue generating programs to take advantage of the increased hang-time that results from viewing broadband content."

"Many of our competitors are recreating television on the Internet," said Simon Whitcombe, vice president of the networks for Snowball.com. "IGNtv will be true to its editorial mission, to inform and entertain. To this end, we will be showing our audience what they want to see -- the products."

IGNtv will have 15 original segments each week that include movie trailers, game guides, consumer electronics reviews and more.

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