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CacheFlow Delivers RealSystem Caching Appliance

CacheFlow (http://www.cacheflow.com) Monday announced its RealProxy for CacheFlow solution which integrates RealNetworks' RealProxy into CacheFlow's operating system, CacheOS.

CacheFlow appliances let service providers cache streaming media file closer to end-users to improve delivery and conserve bandwidth.

"Integrating RealProxy into CacheFlow's intelligent appliances is the ideal solution for ensuring high-quality transmission of live and on-demand content," said Ben Rotholtz, general manager, RealNetworks, Inc. "As companies like CacheFlow continue to advance the network infrastructure, users will be able to experience more and more compelling streaming content."

The CacheFlow appliance utilizes RealProxy's stream splitting and IP multicasting features to optimize live broadcasts. It also supports RealNetworks' SureStream technology.

RealProxy for CacheFlow is immediately now for CacheFlow platforms running CacheOS version 3.0 for $7,500.

CacheFlow also announced it will integrate support for RealNetworks, Microsoft and Apple streaming formats, as well as MP3 and MPEG.

"The bottom line is that CacheFlow's multimedia offerings helporganizations increase revenue, cut costs and enhancecompetitiveness," said Patrick Harr, VP ofMarketing.

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