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Internet Broadcasting Systems Introduces “Sweeps

Just in time for the May sweeps period, IBS (Internet Broadcasting Systems) (http://www.ibsys.com) introduced "Convergence Sweeps" for online video programming.

The "sweeps" period happens a few times a year on U.S. television when advertisers use the TV ratings to determine future ad rates. While this isn't exactly bringing sweeps to the Internet, it is allowing local TV stations to package their hyped "sweeps" news and put it online.

IBS' Convergence Sweeps launches today across with KCBS and Channel2000.com in Los Angeles to WCVB and TheBostonChannel.com in Boston.

"The Convergence Sweeps program is such a critical component of our May sweeps strategy that we launched our promotion for this series two weeks in advance," said Bill Bauman, General Manager of WESH in Orlando. "The series integrates our broadcast and Web Channel (http://www.newschannel2000.com) to capture viewers on both mediums, keeping them tuned in for our morning news and throughout the day."

"The convergence of the Web and TV is happening now, and IBS is proud to lead the convergence with its partners," remarked Reid Johnson, President of IBS. "There is no better time than sweeps for broadcasters to build their on-air and online brands and attract and retain viewers across both media."

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