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Incanta Showcases Beta Broadband Video Service

Broadband delivery provider and entertainment company Incanta (http://www.incanta.com) unveiled the beta version of its broadband video service, a personalized service featuring access to streaming music videos, sports, short films and more.

The Incanta video service is scheduled for launch in June 2000.

Incanta announced the signing of an encoding deal with Vidnet (http://www.vidnet.com) as well as a content deal with its parent, Entertainment Boulevard.

Currently Incanta has a personalized music service where listeners can program their own net radio station The video service is designed the same way: the more it's used, the more tailored it becomes to each user's individual preferences.

"Incanta's new video service, coming fast on the heels of our musicservice, shows that Incanta is drafting the blueprint for the era ofpersonalized broadband entertainment," said Scott Ryan, CEO of Incanta. "Broadband is not just about new technology or newdistribution channels -- it's changing the way that users experience the Net,requiring new tools, new networks, new business strategies and new thinking."

The company is creating a network of broadband service providers along the lines of the TV affiliate model. Incanta places its servers on-site at these point-of-presence (PoP) locations, where it's closer to end-users.

"We work hand-in-hand with leaders in the film, television and musicindustries to produce the highest quality of streaming media available," saidEduardo Guerra, director of strategic planning at Vidnet.

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