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SeeItFirst.com Compatible with both Windows Media and RealPlayer

SeeItFirst.com (http://www.seeitfirst.com) said that its interactive streaming video technology is now compatible with both Windows Media and RealNetworks players.

SeeItFirst's technology allows users to capture and save still images as they watch a video, which the company says is good for advertising and e-commerce. Essentially, users can navigate throughout the video -- forward and backward -- frame-by-frame and take high-resolution photos. They can then be enlarged, printed, saved, or added to any other application. It uses proprietary technology to encode the video, the company says.

SeeItFirst chairman and CEO Narayanan Ram says their technology makes passive viewers into more active ones. "Our technology is transforming streaming video into something more than just images that are watched in passing," Ram says."We are empowering Web site and content providers . . . to add clarity to video content, create a media-rich site and deliver content in a unique, interactive format."

Although SeeItFirst.com released this news today, it has been providing this service since the middle of 1999. Its customers tend to be smaller webcasters like local TV stations, real estate sites, and some travel sites.

SeeItFirst.com also provides encoding, hosting services, and on-demand interactive video streaming for customers. It's a young private company with headquarters in Fremont, California.

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