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ClipsCom Unveils Streaming Video Service & Software

Texas-based ClipsCom (http://www.clipscom.com) launched its "do-it-yourself" webcasting service, allowing consumers and businesses to create and stream video.

ClipsCom also unveiled its client software, ClipsCorder, which automates the process of preparing streaming media clips.

The goal of ClipsCom is to allow virtually anyone to get started using streaming video. User content is hosted and streamed from ClipsCom's servers for a fee. ClipsCom hopes to partner with job boards, auctions, real estate sites, dating and classifieds, to allow site to provide video streaming and hosting services to their customers.

"Until now, streaming video on the Internet has been a complex and expensive process that only a small percentage of businesses could utilize," said Moti Gura, founder and CEO of ClipsCom. "With the ClipsCorder, ClipsCom removes the technical, cost and administrative barriers that previously existed and enables anyone from the corporate communications executive to your 10-year-old child to use this technology -- simply and affordably."

Both RealNetworks and Windows Media are supported now, with support for Apple QuickTime to be added later this year.

As part of its services, ClipsCom has partnered with VirtuaLINC (http://www.v2pn.com) to offer video recording studios in hotels across the country.

Startup ClipsCom was founded in May 1999 and is based in Addison, Texas.

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