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MpegTV Announces PocketTV, MPEG Video Player for Palm-size PCs

MpegTV (http://www.mpegtv.com) announced the introduction of PocketTV, an MPEG movie viewer for Windows-CE Palm-size and Handheld PCs. It can play standard MPEG-1 movies.

"With PocketTV (http://www.pockettv.com), your Handheld or Palm-size PC becomes a miniature VCR. You can put an entire movie in your pocket. Basically MPEG is to video what MP3 is to music. It is an open, non-proprietary, non-encrypted format. Like MP3, MPEG files are highly compressed: A 64 MB CompactFlash card can store more than one hour of video (with audio)!" said Tristan Savatier, President of MpegTV.

MpegTV made clear, however, that it hasn't yet released tools for making your own MPEG files for PocketTV. Also, the PocketTV player can't do streaming, yet.

"As soon as wireless streaming reaches 100 Mbit/sec or higher bitrate for Palm-size devices, PocketTV will bring streaming video directly to your Pocket", Tristan said.

PocketTV is free available for handheld PCs running WinCE version 2.0, 2.01 and 2.11, and upcoming WinCE 3.0 Windows-Powered Pocket PC, code name "Rapier".

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