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Pseudo.com Premieres Political Channel

Internet entertainment network Pseudo Programs (http://www.pseudo.com) said that it launched pseudopolitics.com ( http://www.pseudopolitics.com), a new channel that will cover politics with live and on-demand video programming.

Pseudopolitics's centerpiece offering, "Campaign Dope,"focuses on the 2000 Presidential campaign, will make its debut at on Friday, February 11, from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 PM EST.

The site already features interviews with George W. Bush, John McCain, Bill Bradley, Karenna Gore Schiff and more, taken by the pseudopolitics production team on the campaign trail in Iowa and New Hampshire. The site will focus on news, analysis, commentary and debate and will take an inside look at politics.

"The Pseudo experience is perfect for politics: the excitement of livevideo, interactivity that will give voters a voice and an editorial point ofview with an edge and an attitude you won't find anywhere else," said DavidBohrman, CEO of Pseudo. "If JFK ushered in an era in which television becamethe most influential force in politics, the smart candidates today recognizethat the Internet is ushering in an even more powerful grassroots force. Inthis new 'Web-ocracy,' people want to cut through conventional wisdom, be partof a community and be part of the debate. Pseudopolitics.com will put themthere."

In addition to "Campaign Dope," pseudopoitics.com will unveil other programs although details on those weren't released.

Pseudopolitics.com's Executive Producer Sam Hollander previously served as Producer for ABC's World News Tonight, Turning Point and 20/20, CourtTV and CBS News.

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