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Hot Products: Lightcast Media Cloud

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The Lightcast Media Cloud:

Automate upload, management and publishing of all media to all platforms through programmable workflow presets.

The Media Cloud is an award-winning Media Management System, allowing media producers and publishers to manage all live-stream and on-demand media intuitively, from anywhere in the world on any desktop or tablet.

Manage all your web-, mobile- and TV-apps in one place, create new stunning, native apps for web, mobile and OTT / ConnectedTV platforms, and launch them in the leading app stores.

Lightcast Cloud

Use the App Builder to create and extend new web-, mobile-, and TV-apps on Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, AndroidTV, SmartTVs, iOS, and Android Mobile.

Manage and deploy all types of media and metadata for all publishing platforms, apps and players in one place: metadata and images for all media galleries, players, apps and backgrounds, closed-caption files, language-subtitles and other sidecar files.

Lightcast App Builder

Save valuable time and resources by automating your media team’s workflow by using the Media Cloud’s programmable workflow presets.

Set up on-demand channels, sub-channels, series, create live events, ingest linear channels, generate cloud-populated 24/7 channels, create and update navigation structures for all web-, mobile-, and TV-apps dynamically in real-time.

In addition, activate a custom-branded cross-browser web player for your websites, and connect your accounts on the leading social networks and video platforms to your Media Cloud for instant publishing automation of live-streams and on-demand video distribution.

Increase monetization and revenue opportunities through instant setup of subscription products, advertising integration, serving of your own ads and ad-sponsors, and PPV live-streaming events

Who loves using it:

Our customers in every market love using the Media Cloud, including our customers from broadcast media, education, government, enterprise, sports and not-for-profit. The possibilities are endless and all types of enterprises and organizations can utilize the Media Cloud effectively.

Use case examples:

  • Streaming of live-events including sports events, festivals,graduations, conventions, elections
  • Streaming of court sessions, elections, conferences andmeetings to public, or to authorized groups only
  • Storing, transcoding and publishing of historic and currentaudio and video archives
  • Promotion of volunteer engagement and political participation
  • Real-time communication with residents, students, public
  • Emergency alerts and safety training
  • Providing an outlet for schools and volunteer media producers
  • Branding & Marketing to new, future students or residents
  • Promotion of local businesses and job growth
  • Multi-screen/multi-device e-learning systems on TVs, desktop& mobile devices
  • Providing streaming TV Apps as exciting outlets to mediacurriculums, students and volunteer producers

Key Platform Features of the Media Cloud:

  • OTT App DevelopmentLive Streaming
  • On-Demand Delivery
  • Audio & Video Hosting
  • Intuitive Media Management System
  • Workflow-Automation Presets
  • Real-Time TV App & Mobile App Creation
  • Metadata Management
  • Real-Time Publishing to all Platforms
  • Instant Publishing to Social Media
  • Customizable Web Players
  • Multi-Platform Subscriber Processing System
  • Pay-Per-View Manager
  • Pre/Mid/Post-Roll Ad-Serving
  • Developer Tools & APIs
  • DRM & Security
  • Geo Targeting & Restrictions
  • 24/7 Scheduler & Linear Stream Generator
  • Cloud Scheduler & Playout System
  • Central Viewership Analytics
  • Bitrate-Adaptive Delivery
  • LIVE-to-VOD CDN-side Event Recording
  • Global, High-Performance Multi-CDN Delivery
  • Premium VOD Transcoding into 12 Formats & Bitrates

Lightcast.com | https://www.lightcast.com/CONTACT/ | Charlotte, NC | PHONE: +1.704.910.2434

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